The Spectorium (Jan. 2020)
Mockup for unmade game concept

Cascade Palace (Jan. 2019)
Mockup for unmade game concept

Juice Factory (Dec. 2021)

Top-Down Mountain-y Tilemap (Jun. 2022)

Modular Sci-Fi Hallway (May 2021)

Caravan Wagon Model (Mar. 2021)

Mortia Thaltauma (Jan. 2021)
Simple reference sheet for an original character who would later star in this game

Divine Beasts (Oct. 2018)
Fanart- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Super Mario World- Custom Overworld (Jul. 2019)
Made for a contest on SMWCentral. Not just a mockup– this was an actual, playable overworld built within the game using romhacking tool Lunar Magic