Lulu the Fiendcatcher (Mar. 2023)
The player character of this game project

Imp Fly Animation (May 2023)
One of the player’s allies in same game project as above

Roostaclops Walk Cycle (Apr. 2022)
The model is not mine, only the animation

Modular Sci-Fi Hallway (May 2021)

Zoril Garden Temple (Jul. 2023)

Caravan Wagon Model (Mar. 2021)

The Blender Donut (Sept. 2022)

Torch + Procedural Fire Material (Jan. 2024)

Drift Island (Dec. 2020)
The setting of an old abandoned narrative game project. Most of the models that comprise this island are not mine; I found environment art assets on the Unity Asset Store, assembled them into a level, and added post-processing and ambient particle effects