Juice Factory (Dec. 2021)

Top-Down Mountain-y Tilemap (Jun. 2022)

Super Mario World Custom Overworld (Jul. 2019)
Made for a contest on SMWCentral. Not just a mockup– this was an actual, playable overworld built within the game using romhacking tool Lunar Magic

Minute Armada – Gameplay Mockup (Jul. 2020)

Cascade Palace (Jan. 2019)
Mockup for unmade game concept

The Spectorium (Jan. 2020)
Another mockup for same unmade game concept

Violet Di Chroma- Sprite Sheet (Nov. 2022)

Divine Beasts (Oct. 2018)
Fanart- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Elosii Kiuena (May 2023)
Original character

Mortia Thaltauma (Jan. 2021)

Simple reference sheet for an original character who would later star in this game